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Historical Background: The Florida Administrative Code 1963 to present.

Laws of Florida 61-280 established the Florida Administrative Code. Pages were first printed in 1963 as binders with supplement pages released on a monthly basis. The Governmental Reorganization Act of 1969 led to restructuring of state agencies. In 1970, the Florida Administrative Code was renumbered to correspond to sections in that act, and all pages were reissued. The publication format remained the same with the Florida Administrative Code published in binders and replacement pages sent out on a monthly basis. In 1982, the Florida Administrative Code was published as bound volumes with pocket part updates, and the binders and supplement pages were discontinued. By 1986, the pocket parts had become bulky. In 1986, the Florida Administrative Code was, once again, published in binders with monthly supplement pages. That format continues to the present.

Source for Scanned Pages used in the historic Florida Administrative Code Database:

This database contains scanned pages of the Florida Administrative Code published between 1970 and 1982. During the 1970s, the Florida Administrative Code was published in a set of binders, and replacement pages were sent out on an (almost) monthly basis.

Two sets of pages were available for digitization. The first set was a set of bound volumes produced as the FSU College of Law's Law Library (now called the FSU Law Research Center) saved old pages as they were removed from binders and bound those pages together with other pages removed during the same month. The other set available was old pages retained by the First District Court of Appeal's law library. As clerks at the court removed old pages, they retained the old pages in binders organized by chapter and page number.

The FSU College of Law Research Center opted to use the set of pages retained by the First District Court of Appeal for two reasons. First, the pages were stored in binders, and so were more accessible for scanning. Second, as clerks removed old pages, the older pages were stamped "superceded" and the number of the supplement which contained the replacement page was written on the superceded page. Therefor, any gaps in the set of pages would be more easily detectable, because there was a record of when each page had been removed from the binder.

The scanning process:

Pages were scanned on a Cannon Dr-5010C sheet fed scanner, using the native driver. The scanner was set so that for each sheet of paper in the binder, the scanner produced a one page pdf showing an image of that page at 300 dots-per-inch resolution in black and white.

Pages were processed using optical character recognition in Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0.

What this database contains: This database contains pages from the Florida Administrative Code printed by the Division of Elections between 1970 and 1983.

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