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Before you begin: You will need to know
(1) the rule number you wish to locate, and
(2) the date of the version you wish to view.


1. Search Chapter Number: Enter the chapter number separated by a dash. (not the rule number) For example, if I wanted to search for Florida Administrative Code Rule 6C2-1.02, I would fill out the form as follows:

A picture showing that the first blank is for the part of the chapter number that comes before the dash, and the second blank is for the part of the number after the dash.  Not, not, not by rule number.

*note* If you enter a rule number, the search will look for and process the chapter number instead.

2. Browse pages, until you find the page number which likely corresponds to your rule number: Results of your search will be a list of all pages which comprise the Chapter you entered. The pages ordered by page number, then by date. In the underlying FAC binders, rules were organized in numerical order, so a rule with a lower number will appear on a page with a lower number.

3. Locate Image of that Page as it appeared on your desired Date: FAC pages in the 1970s through 1983 were published in binders. Supplement pages were sent out and individual pages were replaced on a monthly basis. Some FAC pages were replaced frequently, some infrequently. So, depending on which rule you are attempting to locate, a single page may have remained in effect for several years, and the date on which the page was added to the binder may be years before your desired date.

The column "Date Page Released" is the date on which that printed page was placed into the binder. The column labeled "Date Page Superseded" is the date on which the page was removed from the binder. This column is currently blank, as we are in the process of completing the index at this time.

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This project is a cooperative project funded by all of the academic law libraries in Florida.

What this database contains: This database contains pages from the Florida Administrative Code printed by the Division of Elections between 1970 and 1983.

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